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Gyan Vishnu Hospital

About Gyan Vishnu Hospital

The good remarkable services that you provide in the healthcare will give you a better sustainable and respective impression in the society. We at Gyan Vishnu Hospital Pvt. Ltd. does not work for the name and fame but we are making our best efforts to give our patients a best caring and curing with an overall final happy and smiling discharge status. We use to work with a great determination towards the healthcare services in order to create a positive pain-free, dedicated & caring environment for the patients in order to make them feel under safe hands. Dr. D. N. Tiwari the managing director of the Gyan Vishnu Hospital Pvt. Ltd. constantly encouraging their team to get indulges with their patients pain for a quick cure & recovery. We work to build the name of Gyan Vishnu Hospital Pvt. Ltd., a symbol of safety & the recurrence of the happy smiling face in the field of the health care.

Contact Information

Address :

DLW Road, Gokul Nagar, DLW Colony
Chitaipur Kanchanpur, Varanasi
Uttar Pradesh - 221108

Email : md@gyanvishnuhospital.com
For Enquiry : +91 - 9721553366

What we take CARE

Round the Clock Ambulance

Ambulance service is available at Gyan Vishnu Hospital Pvt. Ltd. at 24*7 with a well specified comfort features and life securing equipments. Our Ambulance provides a better comfort zone to the patients to travel regarding the medical treatments. We always recommend the patient security with the determination of caring too hence our ambulance service is always ready for the patient concern.

A complete Medikit for you

Our Hospital is equipped with all essential Equipments, Tools, Medicines & other requirements regarding the complete healthcare of the patients. A complete medication facility is use to be provided under a supervised guidance for the effective benefits of the Patients.

Specilized Doctors available

Well qualified and specialized doctors are available with us. Our specializations are-
1- Anesthesiologists
2- Cardiologists
3- Colon and Rectal Surgeons
4- Critical Care Medicine Specialists
5- Allergists/Immunologists
6- Dermatologists
7- Endocrinologists
8- Gastroenterologists

Get well soon with our treatment

We at Gyan Vishnu Hospital Pvt. Ltd. always encouraging the patients to tackle the disease and always think positive to encompass the happiness into their livelihood. The systematic recovery from the illness is quite simple through the medical care and prescriptions but the overall recovery considers your positive thoughts towards you that is the basic requirement of a patient to be happy & completely free from the illness or the injury. Someone who has a good attitude and the support of friends will tend to bounce back faster than someone who does not, only because a few words can make a big difference to someone who is going through a medical care and determination.

Gyan Vishnu Hospital